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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's The Big One,,,World Economy On Life Support

     Well it may have finally happened.  The stock market is up over 400 points.  That is good?  No this tiime it is bad.  The world economy has just been put on life support.  Why?  Well yesterday the borrowing cost hit a point they had not seen since the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008.  In panic Central Banks around the world pumped billions into the markets trying to stabilize things.  Which was about like trying to put out a forest fire with a squirt gun. Better yet  it was the equivalent of hitting a dying patient with a defibrilator.  This time the shock may not do any good though.  They have done nothing to address the real problems.  Oil is at $100 a barrel. which makes me wonder why gas prices are down.   They should be hitting the $4.00 mark, but I am not going to complain.  If the price of oil stays where it is, it will eventually suck the prices back up.  Basically the patient(economies) have blown a hole in a major blood vessel and are starting to bleed out.  Only the best surgeon in the world has any hope of saving the patient..  Unfortunately none seem to be available.

      This is truly one of those Deja'vu moments in history.  Back in 1929 just a week or so before the crash JP Morgan and other bankers saw the imminent collapse  of the market.  They tried to push huge sums into the market. They tried to push or support the stocks of key companies like U.S. Steel and others they considered key to the markets survival.  It did not work though as people scared of a collapse started pulling their money out of the markets.  As much of it was done on borrowed money, many loans could not be covered(paid) and the crash was on.   Once in a while I hope I am wrong, but history does repeat itself, over and over.  As they say the hand writing is on the wall.  This stock rise is just a dying man taking his last breath.  Can it be saved?  I doubt it, but I hope so.  It grieves me to think of all the misery a totally collapsed world  market would cause.   Only time will tell in this one.

       Not to change the subject.  Actually it is right on subject.  America considers itself a "Christian" nation.  In the Bible God laid out a list in Deuteronomy chapter of all the blessings that would fall on nations that followed his Word and the curses on the nations that didn't.  Their are 14 verses of blessing, however the remaining 54 verses deal with the curses.  A few I directly apply to America.  Verse 7 says the enemies of a blessed nation shall flee before them seven different ways. Verse 8 says their storehouses shall be blessed and verse 12 says a blessed nation shall lend to many nations and not borrow money.  Of course all these same things are addressed in the cursing part and reversed in outcome.  All the above used to apply to America.  However, simply looking at verse 12 and our national debt, one might ask if America has fallen from grace. When I look at all the things America is involved in I can believe it has fallen or is in the process.

      Here is a trivia thing that probably means nothing to most people, but I find it fascinating.  In Revelations the last book of the Bible that talks about the end times and the end of the world.  It forecasts that there will be a number that all must take.  A "mark of the Beast" so to speak.  It is given a number, which is 666.  Here is where it gets interesting.  If you give a numerical value to the letters of the alphabet.  Such as A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so on and translate it to the Hebrew or Jewish alphabet.  The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet translates to the English equivalent of W.  So the WWW of the world wide web could be translated into the number 666, but that is just a coincidence or is it.  As each name is numbered in a way by the internet system. Think about it. The Bible says that Satan could fool the very elect of God himself, if that were possible.  It also says "God's people shall perish from a lack of knowledge"  Are we knowledgeable or are we being duped by the system.  The day of every person having to have a number so they can not circumvent the world system is definitely in the realm of possibility.  This is off from the market issues, but it filled out my post in what I find as an interesting way.  Maybe it will give people something to think about. 
In the words of the famous Paul Harvey,  "Have a nice day."

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