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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Bird An Endangered Species, Under Romney's Axe

       Mitt Romney may have seemed to win the debate on Wednesday night, but at what cost.  The truth came out about how ruthlessly he will cut and downsize the government.  His goal is to get rid of PBS and Big Bird.  The spending on Big Bird is just a sign of the problem, but getting rid of him is definitely not the solution to the problem.  Romney showed there are no sacred cows, or birds, when the budget ax is in his hand.  Does the government need to be down sized.  Yes it does need to be downsized, but in doing so we need to look at the worth of the programs we are axing.  Big Bird is an educational icon.

      I doubt many people knew that Big Bird, in reality, is one of "Those People."  He is one of the deadbeats  in Romney's 47% living off the government, that candidate Romney plans to give the ax.  While Romney professed to be pro-education he threatened to get rid of an education program that has been around for over 40  years.  It shows the absolute ruthlessness of his cost cutting measures.  Yes the government needs to be downsized, but it needs to be done with some common sense.  Article 1. Section 8 says clearly that it is Congress's duty to promote the progress of science and the "useful arts."  Education is considered useful by most people. The people who get the ax under the "Romney Plan" will join the ranks of the unemployed.   Putting more people on unemployment.  That may not be a problem though, as that may be another program, Romney plans to do away with.

      One of the few comments of Romney worth mentioning was his slam of Obama's renewable energy programs.  Yet he defended giving the rich oil companies their tax breaks and handouts by the government. That only proves his willingness to help the rich get richer and while keeping the poor in their place.  He did, however, make the point it is not the governments duty to invest in renewable energy companies.  The only roll of government in promoting renewable energy should be the elimination of regulatory road blocks.  The putting in place of tariffs to level the playing field is not a solution either.  Many companies that buy parts overseas create assembly jobs here in America.  Decisions on tariffs should be better thought out before putting them in place.

     While the Constitution was mentioned, the issue of infrastructure was not.  The failure of Congress and the the government to perform the duties delegated to them by the Constitution was totally ignored. If you wonder what I am talking about on the duties of the Congress, type Congress in the search bar on this blog and it will take you to my discussions on this issue.  Almost all the problems facing America today have been created by and aggravated by total government incompetence.  Most of the Congress have no clue what the view of the Constitution is.  Many of the programs that should be run by the states have been taken over by the Federal Government.  Also many of the programs created by the Federal Government have no validity under the Constitution.

     Romney may have technically won the debate, but I feel one sacred cow (Bird) he stepped on may have been a big enough gaffe to cost him the election.  Only time will tell, but he definitely may have lost the youth vote. He let the cat out of the bag as to what his intention really are.  While he may have been good in the debate, the real Romney came out in force.  Yet he never gave definition or defined what cuts he would make, and to what programs, other the axing of PBS and Big Bird.

    President Obama could pick up on a couple of Romney's business ideas and implement them himself after he is re-elected.  Obama could implement the across the board cuts Romney spoke of.  In fact Obama could offer Romney a job as middle man between him and the Republican Congress.  If Obama put forth Romney's ideas they would be shot down.  Mainly because they would be coming from the President.
There is a deep seated bias and racism in Congress's attitude.  I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  However, when I was in the Army they made me the token white in a twelve man room.  For quite awhile I was the minority and I did learn what bias and discrimination are all about.  When you offer an idea that your enemy advocated and they reject it, it is a sign of bias and bigotry.  When I see some of the Congressmen talking I can almost picture them using the N__ Word in their speeches.  In private conversations I am sure some of them do use the Word.  They were not elected to get rid of the President.  They were elected to serve the country.  The first thing many of them need to do is read the Constitution and come to an understanding of what it says and means.  That would give Congress direction and solve many of the problems facing this country today.   If nothing else they need to understand, and define the word Welfare and what it means in relation to the Constitution and their duties to this country.  That would be a big step toward fixing the problems with our country.  It is "their duty" to control the spending, taxes and budget of the United States.  So our present situation stems from "their failure" to do "their job."

    Maybe a petition needs to be put forward to make Big Bird the national bird.  Then he could be protected  as an endangered species.  I am sure they could create dozens of agencies and an programs to ensure his safety as a national icon.

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  1. Don't you worry about the future of Big Bird! Mark Levin says; "Don't worry Sesame Street fans. If PBS is cut, I am prepared to put together a private investment group to buy the rights to Sesame Street, and we would air it on for-profit cable or satellite TV. I could make a fortune, and it won't cost you a thing. Big Bird lives forever!"