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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

End The Insanity, Vote Libertarian, Make A Statement

       It is time to end the insanity in American politics.  The definition of Insanity is "Doing the same thing, over and over, the same way and expecting to get different results."  Which is a perfect description of the present political system in American.  We vote one party in and they pass rules.  Then we vote the other party in and they undo what the previous party did.  This has been done over and over again for years.  It is starting to take its toll on America.

      Almost all the problems America is suffering under have come from poor leadership of the parties in power.  The government has done nothing to solve the problems, they created the problems. Whether you are talking about the job situation, the housing problem, the banking problems, international relations or the big ones like the the deficit and the economy.  They all stem from poorly planned and laid out government policies.  It is not a matter of who is in charge.  Both sides contribute to the problems.  Whether it's the Republi-can'ts who will not raise taxes to cover the spending on wars and programs they created.  Or if it is the Dum-ol'crats who keep approving programs and spending every penny the country has. The only upside of either party is that the Dum-ol'crats at least raise taxes and appropriate the funds they intend to spend.  They also offer a budget.  Well at least until Obama came along.  The Republi-can'ts on the other hand just spend it and keep saying they will make cuts to pay for their spending.   Which they never do.

      So the question is, "If you are tired of the same stupid incompetence in Washington, why do you keep voting for it?"  The only way to change the pattern is to break the cycle that is causing it.  That means either voting for a third party or starting a third party.  If we fail to do so we must by definition be insane.  Well I like to at least think I am sane.  That being said I am attempting to set up my own party.  It is called The Constitutional American Reform Party.  It is based entirely on what I perceive the Constitution to say are the duties of Congress and what the Constitution says about our rights.  Yes I have some radical ideas.  Most of them have to do with things where the Congress has exceeded its authority under the Constitution.

      I am not afraid to say I am voting for the Libertarian Party this fall.  First it comes closer to expressing my point of view than either of the mainstream parties.  Maybe if enough Americans would wake up and send a message that we are tired of business as usual.  If enough people voted for the Libertarian ticket it could make a difference.  It could send a message that we are tired of the "Status Quo."  However, like sheep going to slaughter most Americans will do the same things they have always done.  The problems will continue on till the country marches off the fiscal cliff and plunges the nation into depression.  Then the only thing that may save individuals is either anarchy or revolution.  That is scary stuff.  It is the reality facing America, and not that far down the road.  Maybe the problem is that most Americans figure the world is going to end the 21st of December so their decisions do not matter.  All I can say to that matter is that if it does not end physically on the 21st.  It will start collapsing financially on January 1st, 2013.

    From what I have been hearing and reading the state of Colorado may be the hardest to determine in the voting equation.  Several states have marijuana legalization issues on the ballots.  The only one supposedly in line with the majority of the voters opinion on the issue is he Libertarian candidate.  Their presidential candidate is an ex-governor who is pro-pot.  So there are a couple states that could swing away from the mainstream politics.  That would happen simply because neither of the mainstream candidates is pro-pot.
The issue could be a game changer in Colorado.

    Admittedly even if a candidate was elected to the presidency he could not get much done.  He would be bucking both parties.  What he would have behind him is a mandate that Americans are ready for change.  The incumbents are smart enough to see the writing on the wall.  They will quickly see if they do not change directions and figure out how to be competent, they may soon no longer be incumbents.

     People say well if you vote for a third party you are throwing your vote away.  Well I would rather throw it away voting for a candidate I agree with.  That would be far better than voting for someone who I do not only disagree with, but question their competence to do the job.  At least then I can look at the mess and say I voted against that.

    Each person has to do what they think is right for them.  My goal is to vote for the change we did not get with Obama.  I can take four more years of him before I can vote for Romney and I have always voted Republican when I have voted for a mainstream candidate.  It will not be the first time I have voted Libertarian.  I always do when the choice is between the lesser of two evils.  Vote your conscience, but do not whine to me if you vote for the main stream candidates.

    You are invited to read my party platform and make comments.  You can find it on the internet at   The Constitutional American Reform Party, or C.A.R.P. which translates to carp which means to complain.  It is also a type of fish which is thought to be distasteful, but if you know how to prepare it is good eating.   Yes it is also a Christian based party.  I can no longer follow the self righteous conservative views of the Republican Party and I certainly can not be part of a party that booed God at their convention.  Maybe I march to a different drummer, but at least the music is more pleasing to my taste.

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