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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Electric Power? Why Not Air? It Could Save Your Life

Gravity Powered & American Made

         Are there any real solutions to the energy problems.  Global warming is really not an issue.  The earth warms and cools on regular cycles.  If mankind is worried about anything, it should be worried about global cooling not warming.  You can see why by looking at the chart in my 24 July 2012 blog "2012, Global Turmoil In The Making?"  The problem is that there is a finite amount of fossil fuels and we need to move toward renewable energy sources.  All the fossil fuels that exist were created by the work of the sun.  So the sun is the one true constant form of energy and thereby the most dependable.  Looking way, way down the road there will be no fossil fuels left by our presence on the planet.  We consume things as fast as they grow. It will take a rather cataclysmic event to replace the fossil fuels we have used.  When you think about it and look at all the coal fields and the depths they are at.  Then look at oil and the depths it is at, all over the world.  Well there evidently have been numerous cataclysmic events in the past and so why could one not happen now.  Which is the topic of the previously mentioned blog entry.

       Many people think that electric cars are the answer.  All electric cars do is extend the length of the tailpipe to a power plant.  Yes a car could be charged by wind turbines and solar panels.  That is not what happens in most situations though.  Most drivers simply plug into the grid.  Instead of emissions coming out of their exhaust they come out of a smoke stack some distance away.  The trick to solving the problem is to eliminate emissions altogether.  There is a way to do that.  It could be done with an air powered car.  First let me show you that air powered vehicles already exist so this is not a pie in the sky statement.  Check out the following links.  It will be a few minutes well spent.

     If you bothered to take the time to look at the links on You Tube you can see that in some parts of the world air power is already being developed.  The second link shows a project bike by some California college students.  It appears to be powered by some type of air tool and is homemade.  They used two scuba tanks for an air storage system.   It shows that with development it would be a feasible power source.  My dream situation would be a compressor run by a bank of batteries.   Which in turn would be charged by solar chargers and wind chargers.  Absolutely no emissions which should be the goal.  Even this system is going to generate emissions indirectly.  The processes that build the wind turbines, solar panels and batteries will create emissions.

     The nice thing about the air powered system is that it would be capable of operating totally off the grid.  It also would eliminate the need to string power lines all over the country.  Each home unit would be independent and in event of some kind of natural disaster the homes not hit would be able to provide power for the community.  What kind of disaster am I talking about.  I am not trying to pump my blog, but some of my articles are inter-related.  One will show how or why the other is important and this is just such an example.  My 25 April 2012 blog, "America Under A Threat, Worse Than Katrina" show what could possibly happen and how America could prepare for it.  It would not only save tons of energy, it would make better use of the energy that is bring used.  In the process it would create jobs and it would not have to be government money that is spent doing it.

      The Obama administration is spouting off that it is all for renewable energy.  Their actions, however, contradict their statements.  They have imposed tariffs to level the playing field.  Tariffs do not level the playing field.  They make prices go up so businesses that can not compete do not have to operate efficiently and competitively with the world markets.  That means you and I pay more, which is not how the free enterprise system is suppose to work.  Things do not have to be the cheapest to be the most competitive.  Many heavy equipment manufacturers such as America's Caterpillar Company are not cheap by any means.  They have learned to build a quality machine that has no competition in the markets.  Yes there are other brands, but Caterpillar is known for their durability.  The market studies I have been reading say our solar panels are not competitive, because they have issues and do not last as long as the foreign ones.  It is time for the manufacturers to examine their products and fix the problems and become competitive, like Ford did in the automotive industry.  When you build the best you do not need tariffs to level the playing field.  Your product will dominate the field.  That is something that is being lost in America.  The drive and desire too not only be the best, but too make it the standard we aspire to in our business practices.

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