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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fixing Social Security Could Fix America.

      America has problems.  Lots of problems and one of them is Social Security.  If Social Security is properly fixed it could fix America. The real question is can the system be fixed.  Republi-can'ts say they are not going to raise taxes for nothing or nobody.  Well if they do not do something we are all going belly up.  It is just a matter of when. There is a solution and I think it is just a matter of semantics. We need to remove the cap from Social Security. Technically that is not raising taxes at all. It is just letting those who are blessed with good jobs and the benefits of the system pay their fair share.

        Somehow over the years the Social Security system has been characterized as a system for the poor folks in America. It is that way because some con artist convinced those who created the system that you did not need or benefit from the system after you paid in so much money.  That was the biggest con job ever played on the American people.  It was and is a Ponzie scheme for the rich folks in America. The idea that you do not benefit from Social Security after you get a little money in your pocket is a snow job  When America was a Christian nation and people actually helped their fellow man.  It might have been true but, it is not anymore.

       Social Security was designed as a way to prevent people from falling through the cracks.  At the time it was created millions of Americans were living on the street and going hungry. The sad part at the same time people were going hungry farmers were burning their crops, poring out there milk and killing animals because they could not get enough money from their goods to justify selling them.  The government came up with a program to buy the surplus goods and feed the poor and homeless people in the country.  While it did not solve the problems it did keep things going till World War II bailed the country out.

     Since the end of World War II the rich have learned to play the system to their advantage.  Their taxes have gone steadily down and they have created ways to exempt their money from taxes.  Big business got on the bandwagon and found ways to give themselves subsidies and exemptions from taxes. Three things need fixed in this country.  The first is Social Security, the second is tax system, and the third is the election system. Anyone who is eligible to vote should be able to spend whatever they want on an election. However they should have to do it in their own name and certainly not get any special tax break for doing so.  Many of the rich people in this country would rather spend $10 to keep a poor person from getting a dime.  They want to keep "their"money and the poor in their place. We need an amendment that says only people who can vote can contribute to the election process.  Corporations are not people and should be exempted from buying power which is exactly what is going on in America today.

      When I was in the Army and stationed at a military base in the south I dated a banker's daughter. In the area I was stationed.  I noticed blacks lived in falling down shacks.  They had brand new cars in the drive and real nice stuff in their houses.  The houses though were in sad condition.  I asked the banker what the deal was.  Why didn't blacks fix up their homes?  He very bluntly told me it was because he would not lend them money to fix up their property.  If he did they might try to move up and possibly move in next to him. He was not going to allow that to happen.  At the time  I was the token white in a twelve man room.  I learnt a lot living in that room.  Especially about the stereotypes of blacks. Some of the issues are forced on them by society.  Others are done as a means of survival.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it.  Discrimination is no longer based on color in America.  It is based on what you have.or don't have.

    Having lived in that room for almost a year I learned to see discrimination.  Especially its more subtle sides.  Many of the blacks I lived with said discrimination was much more acceptable in the south than in the north.  In the south it was plain racism.  I really had this taught to me while stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. I was temporarily living with a friend of mine from Alabama and his wife. One night we robbed the piggy bank and went to the store to get milk and cigarettes.  The wife and I stayed in the car while my friend went into the store. As we sat there a black man walked by the car and into the store.  The wife started telling the baby, "Say nigger Johnny, say nigger"  This baby could not even talk yet and the first thing it was learning was hate.  My room mates expected that in the south.  They said in the north it was much more subtle.  It was never spoken openly, but when you did not get the job, you knew why.

     Why mention this racial stuff at all.  It is because I see the same thing being done to poor people today.  They can not get a loan regardless of their background.  There is an old saying that the only way to get a loan from a bank is to not need it. It still is true. You have to prove you do not need it.  I left the Army went to college and experienced this first hand myself.  Then I learned to talk bank talk.  When you go in for the loan you talk yourself and your side of the loan up.  You prove why it is a sure deal.  Even if you do not have a clue if it is. You sound positive and have the answers to any questions they might ask.  You will probably get your loan. Just do not produce anything negative. especially a doubtful attitude.

     All this brings me to why I said it.  In many cases President Obama is not getting any help to fix the country only because he is black.  Many of the politicians do not want a black man to succeed.  Well they are a little late.  One already has. Now they need to get off their high horses and help fix the problem.  The Republi-can'ts started two wars and lowered taxes without ever cutting spending or making a way to pay for what they have done.  They need to step up to the plate and pay their fair share of the debt.  Even if it means raising taxes. By the way, I am an Independent, and not a Democrat.

     Removing the cap from the Social Security system would be a good first step.  Technically it would not be raising taxes.  It would be the rich paying their fair share into the system.  After all you give 10 % of everything to God, nor a capped amount.  At least your supposed to. A cap should be placed on how much one can receive from the system, but not on Medicare. The excess money going into the system could fix many of the problems in America today. It could be used for infrastructure and to create jobs to fix the parts that are in need of fixing.  A national infrastructure audit and budget needs to be put in place so the nation fixes the problems before the nation falls apart.  Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress not only the right but the duty to defend and provide for this nation and they have failed in that job miserably.  The budget makes that clear.

    My blog of 11/24/11 The 10/20/30 Tax Plan tells how we need to fix America's tax system.  We also need to eliminate "all' deductions, exemptions, and subsidies for any and all programs.  We need to establish a tax across the board at a level that will take care of the programs we have.  Cutting willy-nilly anything without studying the problem is total ignorance.  The FAA today is living proof of that.  They are closing towers across he country because of the sequester of funds.  They are doing it at airports where they just finished spending millions of dollars to build towers for aviation safety.  Now they are saying it will not affect aviation safety.  Then why the hell did they spend the money.  It is time for them to get their head out of their ass and do their job.

     Taking the cap off of Social Security would put tons of money in the system.  Oh and yes it would be from the rich people.  It would be just a means of fixing the system quickly till they can fix it properly.  It is something that needs to be done.  There is nothing wrong with helping the country. It would be a way that every American would give their fair share.  If they are self employed it would be a little bit more, but business would know where they stand and they could live with that.

     Congress could then create a Medicare system that helps every American and do away with co-pays. In fact it would do away with the need for health insurance entirely. That would definitely help employers,
Co-pays are absolute robbery and ignorance.  You are required to pay part of the bill to get the insurance company to pay the bill you are already paying them to pay.  Their logic is if you have to pay some out of your own pocket you will not get sick as often.  How about a system that gives you money back if you do not use the system.  That would cut costs and be much more effective than co-pays. Malpractice insurance should be totally eliminated. All people taking the Hippocratic oath should be exempted from Federal taxes on their first million dollars of medical income and exempted from being sued for malpractice.  They pay large sums of money to get an education and swear an oath to save lives.  Review boards should be established and people or institutions performing malpractice should simply have their license to practice medicine pulled.  If the act was criminal then charge them.

       When someone does experience malpractice it should not be a lottery ticket. They should receive the national median income yearly for the rest of their life or until they are recovered. All their medical bills should be covered and that is it.  It is not a lottery.  The government should also get a deduction for quantity buying of medications.  From my experience with the VA the government is getting ripped off big time on meds.  Explaining that would be a whole knew blog post.

    These are some suggestions that if implemented could fix Federal Budget and get the economy moving again.  That is why I figure they will be ignored unless people like you get involved and send a copy of this to your Congressman and add your two-bits.  Let them know we want fixed and in the words of J.B. Wentworth. 'And we want it now."

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