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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Morality Can't Be Legislated.

       Many of America's problems could be fixed simply by changing Federal regulations and dealing with reality.  The reality that needs to be dealt with is trying to legislate morality.  Prohibition proved it would not work for alcohol and it will not work for drugs either.  You can however tax immorality like crazy. What is presently being spent on drugs and drug law enforcement could balance the present sequester cuts. It could balance the budget over time.  It would not require raising taxes.  It would require creating taxes, but if you do not do drugs that should be of no concern to you.   People say we would have a nation of junkies.  I can not back it up but in the course of my readings on the subject supposedly the amount of alcoholism dropped when they lifted the ban on alcohol.  Also fewer people died from buying tainted alcohol that was improperly made.  Thousands of people die every year from tainted drugs but society does not care.  From what I understand alcoholism and drug abuse are both a form of addiction.  Incarcerating citizens does not cure them.  It educates them so they will be better thieves and marks them so they can no longer be productive members of society.  Is legalizing drugs going to hurt America?  Certainly no more than the present system is doing. At least it could be taxed and create jobs here in America and put money back into the economy instead of into a multi-billion dollar underground economy.  The enforcement people would not all loose their jobs. Taxing and inspection of drugs to make sure they are safe and not contaminated would be new industries.

      Speaking of new industries hemp offers a multitude of manufacturing possibilities.  In Canada a car was built using hemp fibers in the fiberglass instead of nylon fiber.  That could open a multitude of opportunities if it replaced the present fossil fuel based fibers.  It is also biodegradable which the fossil fuel fibers are not. Plant based fuel can be made from hemp fibers.  The nice thing about that is that it requires very little fossil fuel based chemicals to grow.  It is a weed and grows on the worst soil, under the worst conditions.

    One reality needs to be dealt with honestly for a change. If pot was legalized tomorrow would you become an addict.  Most people will say of course not.  I do not smoke, drink or do drugs and have no intention of doing so just because the government says I can.  That is the attitude of most people I meet and talk to.  The question is why are we destroying lives and building more and more prisons for a drug culture. A culture that even our last three Presidents, that is including the present one, have admitted to trying.  They did not become junkies.  They have however become hypocrites saying don't do what I did.

      That hypocritical attitude is creating an underground empire that is draining the legal economy of most of its potential profits.  America claims to be a Christian nation but is willing to write off millions of people as a waste and a lost cause.  They are willing to destroy their lives permanently because they have an addiction.  Personally I would legalize all drugs and let anyone go into the drug stores and by them. If people could self medicate maybe the sky rocketing cost of medical care would slow down or stop.  Sure some drugs need medical advice on how to use them.  The majority however do not.  If a person has a terminal illness they can not self medicate till they die.  Even if that is going to be the outcome and they know it.  They have to fork over their life savings to the hypocritical healthcare industry which is administered by a hypocritical government.

      Our Founding Fathers Washington and Jefferson both grew hemp on their farms.  Our Constitution says we our endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights.  Well if you read the Bible, in Genesis 1:29-30 God granted man the use of all crops on the earth.  I am sure he also knew and knows all the purposes those plants can be put to.  Just as the grape can be used to make wine. People's interpretation of the Bible can get twisted.  The Catholic church does not allow priests to marry.  In Genesis 2:24 God created the institution of marriage.  It was one of his first interactions with man.  So marriage is normal, or at least it was till this day and  age.  The Bible also says in Matthew 8;14, Mark 1:30, and Luke 4:38 that Peter had a Mother in law, or at least it says, Jesus healed  Peter's wives mother." Which should translate into Mother in Law. The Bible also says, "The Truth will set you free."  If the church wants free from its homosexual problems it simply needs to allow what the Bible says God and Jesus allowed.   So if this "Christian Nation" wants to fix itself it needs to quit persecuting people for their God given, Constitutional rights.

      While we are fixing problems lets require a permit and background check for anyone possessing a  revolver, semiautomatic and automatic weapon.  Also charge a license fee annually like a car license plate and have a title which must be registered when transferred from one person to another. All single shot, bolt action, lever action and shotguns should be exempt from the requirement though.  The later type weapons are the kinds used to secure our independence and preserve our nation.  Properly handled they still will.  That should raise enough money to put security doors on all schools and classrooms similar to those found in hotels.  That would at least limit or slow the mad men from inflicting their insanity on the defenseless.

       All crimes committed with a gun should be considered Federal crimes, including improper transfer of a weapon.   Any crime committed with a gun should carry a minimum sentence of ten years.  If you injure someone in the commission of a crime a twenty year minimum should be applied.  If the person is disabled for life you get life.  If you kill someone life is the minimum sentence.  That should make someone think before they use a gun in the commission of a crime. The lack of respect for life in this nation is half the problem.  The Constitution guarantees you the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The government has no right to be in the abortion decision business.  That should be a matter between a woman and her doctor.  They are the ones who will stand before God.   The nation may be judged by God but each person will stand or fall on their life's record.

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