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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Often Missed Bible Details

    Understanding some easily missed details that the Bible mentions or explains. Hopefully this will help someone grow in their understanding of the Bible

                                          Micah 7:15                                                                                                        

        According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt,                              will I show unto him marvelous things.               

      This verse changed my understanding of the Bible.  I had always believed the Bible, but this verse answered a question.  It opened my eyes and made me see I was on the right track.  For some time before finding it I had pondered in my heart. The meaning of the verse in Exodus 12:41 where it says the selfsame day.  Why was it worded the way it was. What was so important about that particular day?  After all in Genesis 12:13 God made it clear that they (The Jewish People) would spend 400 years in captivity.  God also made two other statements. He stated they would come out in the fourth generation. He also stated that it would not happen till the time of the Amorites had been fulfilled.

      Over the years I had heard many discussions about what or how long a generation is or was. It can’t be twenty, or thirty, or forty, or even seventy years which are the time periods I hear most often..  Even if you use seventy and take it times four, you only get two hundred and eighty years. It had to be a period longer than one hundred years. Four hundred thirty divided by four gave period a little longer than one hundred and seven years.  Then I remembered what God had said in Genesis 6:3 that he would not suffer man, but would limit his days to one hundred and twenty years.  Well one hundred and twenty would work but I wanted more proof.  Moses died at one hundred twenty years old, but he never entered the Promised Land.

     It was later when reading in Joshua that it made sense. It says Joshua died at one hundred and ten having done all God gave him to do. Well if there were three generations before Moses and you subtract three generations of one hundred and twenty years you have one hundred and twenty years left. The thing that made it work was Joshua 14:7 which says, at the time Moses sent Joshua into the land to search it out Joshua was forty years old.  They then wandered in the wilderness for forty years before entering the Promised Land.  If you add the forty years in the wilderness to the four hundred and thirty in the captivity it comes up to four hundred and seventy years.  It means they did in fact enter the Promised Land in the fourth generation just as God had said they would. 

      Remember the other part of The Prophesy, of God?   God had said that the time of the Amorites had not been fulfilled.  Well Joshua was 110 when he died and he had overcome the Amorites. This becomes significant when you start reading the book of Amos.  In that book God gives all the enemies of Israel a fourth chance.  So why wouldn’t he give Israel a fourth chance also. This encouraged me to look for more four hundred and thirty year periods and I found three of them in the Old Testament.  The problem is I think I found a fourth one. If I did we are living in it at this time.  I also found that each four hundred thirty year period was followed by a period of seventy years.

     You can find the other four hundred thirty year periods in the first four chapters of Ezekiel 4:5-6 and Daniel 9:25-27. Figuring this out just requires some basic math. Three score and two is 62 weeks, times seven which equals 434 years.  However, it says the Messiah will be cut off in the middle of the week. Simply subtract 3.5 and you will have 430.5 years.  Notice it is Ezekiel that gives the accounting of each day for a year.

        Remember earlier I said there is a fourth four hundred and thirty year period.  Well it may be a coincidence that from the time Martin Luther nailed his treatise onto the door of the church until the coming of Israel was 430 years almost to the day.  Some say from 1517 to 1948 is 431 years so you are wrong.  That is fine by me, but it was passed and approved by the United Nations for Israel to become a nation in November 1947.  It was a done deal at that time.  It just physically did not take place till 1948.  There is a free book on my blog which is done in seven parts.  It gives this story in more detail.  The title is Further Down the Path.  Just type it on the search bar on my blog and it will bring it up.
       Notice I have been talking of times.  In Luke 21:24 it talks of the, “times of the Gentiles” Notice it is not one time but times which is plural and from other places in the Bible may mean two times.  Peter 3:8 tells us to not be ignorant, that a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day.  That being said, from Adam to the flood was roughly two thousand years or two days,  from Noah to Christ was another two thousand years or two days, and finally from Christ till today has been roughly two thousand years or two days.  So we are dawning on the seventh day which is a day of rest as it is the Day of the Lord.  Notice in Luke though that it says all prophecy will be fulfilled at the time Israel is restored as a nation.

      The third chapter of Joel has an interesting prophecy especially in this day and age.  Regardless of what Newt Gingrich, the history professor and politician says. Palestine is not some knew creation.  It was mentioned almost a thousand years before Christ.  One has to wonder what he calls new.  That chapter says a lot about what Palestine is going through in this day and age.  It also makes clear that the judgment on Palestine will be in the end of time.

     This might seem unimportant to many, but the Bible makes clear in Hosea 4:6, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”  It does not say the sinners, or the heathens perish.  It says my people.  They perish because they do not take the time to really read and understand God’s Word and what he is telling us. The Bible tells us to be prepared. Are we?
       The Bible clearly defines three four hundred thirty year periods in the old testament.  Then when I was reading further I discovered there was a seventy year period after the four hundred thirty period that led caused them to go into the Babylonian captivity.  Also from the birth of Christ to the destruction of the Temple was a period of seventy years.  The has a verse speaking about God that says, I am the same, yesterday, today and forever.  Based on that there should have been a seventy year period at the time they came out of Egypt.  I could not find one.  Then I found Joshua 14:7 that says Joshua was forty when Moses sent him in to search out the land.  It also says he was one hundred and ten when he died.  BINGO, the light came on. Forty from one hundred and ten was seventy years.  

        This made me wonder if there were other recurring events.  I remembered the story of Moses and how they were killing the babies in Egypt.  Also at the time of Christ they were killing the babies. After a little research I found one of the main reasons Israel went into the Babylonian captivity was that they were sacrificing their children to idols.  That made me wonder if all the abortion and lack of respect for life in this day and age was going to lead to our judgment?   Are we living in a seventy year period?  If I am right about a fourth four hundred thirty year period it would seem we are in the seventy year period that follows them. Most of this is in my free book with several other things I have noticed over time.

        In closing let me encourage you to get into and read your Bible and get to know God.  You will come to have real peace in your life when you come to understand that he is always working on behalf of those who seek him.  Hope you enjoy reading this and learn something.


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